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Fuel system
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Author:  manx69 [ Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Fuel system

Is it possible that in my 1983 King 33 the fuel system could pump from the main tank and return to the Aux Tank? If so, Where are the components that would cause this and what can be done to remedy this problem?

I would still like to sell this rig and will accept most any offer.
Keith Hussey

Author:  Daveinet [ Mon May 01, 2017 12:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fuel system

Sorry for the delayed reply. If the coach has the original switch, and it is plumbed correctly, the answer would be no. The original valve was a single spool that switched both the pick up and the return within the same valve. The valves were mechanically linked, so that could not happen. HOWEVER, if someone swapped the return line, that could cause it. BUT, what is more likely would be that the original valve could have been replaced with two separate valves. If both valves did not switch, then the return could be stuck in one direction. I had to replace my valves, and when I did, I could not find a valve that did both, so I installed two valves.

Now comes the fun part - getting at the valves. There is a panel above the rear axles on the passenger side that covers up the valves and the aux pump. The safest way to get at it would be to drive the rear up on ramps - assuming you have solid ramps, such as 2X12s stacked and bolted together.

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