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Koni FSD shock 8805-1013
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Author:  Daveinet [ Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:58 am ]
Post subject:  Koni FSD shock 8805-1013

I just stumbled on something very interesting. Way long time ago, when I bought my set of Koni FSDs for the rear of the Revcon, I was told I could buy them from Country Coach, as they use the same shock. I did buy the 4 rears from CC. Later on the forums, I discovered that people had problems with the shocks wearing out prematurely on the CC. Eventually Koni quit selling the FSD for CC. Interestingly, my Konis wear out on the fronts prematurely as well. Koni appears to be selling the FSD for CC again, but they sell it with a strap that prevents the shock from overextending. The part is called CClimitstrap, and goes around the shock to limit the travel.

If anyone remembers, I raised my upper shock mount on the front, per recommendation from Marty Moore. The purpose was to limit the stress on the U-joint. Raising the upper mount may answer why the shock wore out. It also answers if anyone was wanting to upgrade their shocks on their Revcon, they should probably use this strap.

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