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Cycling out older fuel
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Author:  elc32955 [ Sun Jul 03, 2022 3:14 am ]
Post subject:  Cycling out older fuel

Hi folks,

Just thought I'd throw this out there for general consumption. I usually keep a full load of fuel (or as close to full as I can), however I haven't fueled in probably 18 months or so easily now. I've got fuel stabilizer in the coach, but at some point the fuel will age beyond the point of good usability even stabilized. About 10 years or so ago I lost a whole 105-gallon load of fuel due to aging and told myself I'd never let THAT happen again! Right now I'd estimate that I've got a good 80+ gallons on-board currently. Currently I put around 300 or so miles a week on a regular car for work transportation.

Given the current price of the precious juice, I had the idea of putting a valved Y-connector on the output of the electric pump at the engine compartment, and sending the new line out the side or front of the coach to act as a fuel pump-off point. So, all I'd do is position the valve, cut the ignition "on" without starting it, let the electric pump (I've got a Holley Red) do it's thing, send the gas to a 2.5 gallon plastic can outside the coach, and when full cut off the pump. Then I can dump it into a car and mix it with current good fuel to make those fill-ups less painful. Repeat say 4 times in a row for 10 gal old/10 gal new mix. Use the aux tank first, pump it down close to the bottom, then pump the main tank down to around 8 to 10 gallons or so. Then time for a ride to WAWA for another load of non-ethanol fuel. At roughly $6.50/gal for go-juice and 105 gallon capacity.... Holy Empty Wallet Batman!

Our coaches have always been our own private POL stations for emergencies, but I've never really had incentive to explore this option.... until now.

Thoughts anyone?


Author:  Austro-Revconeer [ Mon Jul 04, 2022 8:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Cycling out older fuel

The gas price here in Austria is about 8.28 USD/gal at the moment. Filling up the Revcon is an investment. ;)

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