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Wheel/tire upgrade
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Author:  reneg [ Mon Jun 18, 2018 3:09 am ]
Post subject:  Wheel/tire upgrade

Well after having had issues with wheel nuts backing off on our Florida trip 2 years ago, I had ended up with no usable spare wheel. My tires also were between 65% front and 80% rear, were also 8 years old I decided to pull the trigger on wheels and tires as we were planning a 2k+ road trip last summer. I had a choice of either going 16 or 17" wheels. I opted to go 16" as I felt that 16" tires would be available longer than 17", at least I hope so.
The hard part was sourcing alloy wheels that were affordable and have the weight rating for our Revcons. What I found were Core Racing tailer wheels with a 3250# 16", also avail. in 17". I also went from Transforce HT's to Transforce AT's, no appreciable noise difference on the hiway.
I went with tires of same height as original 16.5s. ALL IN for $1980 CDN. ... ort=3&o=16 ... ort=3&o=17 ... ort=3&o=18 ... ort=3&o=19

What are your thoughts? All welcome. PS: The offset is a bit off, about 1/2" reason why my skirts are off, bit machining down my spacers will take care of that.

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