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71 250D 2019 Spring Punch List
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Author:  TonyGio71 [ Tue Feb 12, 2019 6:13 pm ]
Post subject:  71 250D 2019 Spring Punch List

Getting the Bus ready for Spring inspection.
Last tie it passed was 2014. Ive had it parked for a few years make a few runs every year to keep it moving.
Had it in last year but it wouldn't pass as the front Clearance lights stopped working. Wires were completely corroded all the way into the fiberglass. Ive replaced twice before and pulled every bit of slack I could to get into some good wire. I had to go into the cab to rewire. They're working now. I wanted a upper shelf along the nose anyway. Some wire chase will have to do until I can get steam bending figured out locally.

The List:

1.Gas Lines
Last fall I had some varmint chew on my gas lines and came home to a puddle of gas under my rear passenger tire. I tried to start the weekend before but it was not starting up more then a few sputters. Could've been the gas line. I also believe the gas cap was bad to vent. It was mid summer and the temps were up. Opening up the gas cap was like woooooooooooooshh! Ill spare you the amount of mid OOO's in there. It was a lot of fume coming out under some pressure for longer than should be.
The tank is currently drained and I plan on putting in Stainless hard lines front to back, and refurbish the tank...Once it gets to the shop that is.
So how hard is it to replace the lines in the back of the steel lines?
Do I need to drop the tank?
Do I need to remove the tire? ( Have yet to mess with taking a tire off)

2.Interior Lighting
Not something for inspection but still looking to have it ready.
Driver side interior lights from the Map light back to the bathroom are not working. Passenger side is working as should, except for the exterior porch light and the step light.

3.Brake and Running Lights
Could use some help identifying what goes where? I have the schematic but get kinda lost on it. Theres a lot of jumpers in there and everywhere. I feel like Im not the first to work on them and they've been jumped to get working.
Be great to know what or how they are supposed to be hooked to . All seem to be working but my one rear running light seems dim like its getting some kind of drain on it?

4.Appliance vents exterior
Anyone replace these?
With what and from where?
Both stove vent and Fridge vents are damaged. I closed up the stove completely, it was leaking pretty bad and ultimately ruined my bamboo floor.
Would like to find replacements/upgrades.

5. Suspension upgrades
What do you suggest?
I doubt I will ever be running this filled with water while Gassed up to max capacity. Looking to get the best handling set up I can.
I though about leveling shocks, have not done any research on what they do exactly, and at what cost.

6.Brake Upgrades
What can be done?
They work but could they be working better?

Any insight on these items would be greatly appreciated!!

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Author:  Daveinet [ Wed Feb 24, 2021 2:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 71 250D 2019 Spring Punch List

Only comment I would have is regarding not traveling with a full tank of water. Something to keep in mind, if you blow a radiator or heater hose, you may wish you had a full tank of water on hand to rescue yourself. I'd be surprised if you could really tell much difference.

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