Links of use to Revcon Motorcoach owners, somewhat in alphabetical order. All links checked and valid as of 7/29/2023.

Pollak Aftermarket, electrical connectors, switches, fuel solenoids, etc...

Autometer Z-series gauge index, perfect for panel rework.

Blue Sea Systems, home of many things marine and RV electrical. Good products!

Greg Cifu's Revcon pages. Good flat-nose info and brochures.

Coach Glass. They carry Revcon slant-nose windshields.

Cole Hersee, professional & RV electronic and electrical components.

Co-op (GMC) Motor Works. Closed business, here for reference purposes only.

Custom Instrument Panels. They make replacement plexiglass panels for Revcon coaches.

Dave's Revcon website. Very good resource material here.

Dexstar wheels. They have 16.5 inch rims., another gauge website. Good selection of product.

EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle. Revcon lost the bid on this government contract (GRIN!!).

Family Motor Coach Association, another RV group with local chapters.

Flight Systems Onan generator troubleshooting. They have replacement Onan generator electronics for Revcon coaches.

Hall GTC forums, a close relative. This topic discusses window felt which we also have & need.

Magnatek or Parallax converter upgrade to Iota. Best converter Co.

Thetford product library - for manuals on N64/N84 series refrigerators.

RV'ers corner - article on Onan generator troubleshooting.

Parallax customer support - for old style RV converter/chargers.

Expedition Portal article about the 94 Revcon Trailblazer. Interesting read.

PPL Parts Superstore. Lot of RV parts/accessories here.

Archive of Precision Gear - Dana 70 reference information.

New Precision gear website - operated by Alloy USA after a few acquisitions.

Pure Gas.Org - Ethanol free gas station listing in the US. USE IT!!

QA1 - performance shocks.

Rare Parts.Com - in the past they've had some Revcon parts. Need something special - they'll build!

Revcon Curious - the original Yahoo group. 160MB archive of discussion files 2003 to 2013 - group folded when Yahoo groups went defunct.

The Revconeers - the original Revcon RV club. Their forums & site folded in 2014, but the link via the Wayback machine lets you access their old site content. Woohoo!!

Marsh Racing Wheels

RV Business (news) website. Read about the state of the industry & more.

RV NOW with Jim Twamley. No new articles since 2010 but still a good DIY site. Archive from the Wayback Machine

RV Online, buy/sell coaches. One of the larger sales sites.

RV Restripe Central, RV graphics replacement site.

RV Water filter store / Everpure cartridges. These are in the water purifier in the Revcon.

Bryant RV - Many, many downloadable manuals on coach appliances & systems.

Taylor extreme service plug wires - a must have with Thorley headers! I run these on my coach.

The Inverter Store - tips page. Good FAQ on inverter sizing here.

Solar seller - they stock Thinlite replacement ballasts as found in Revcons.

Eastern Marine - tons of RV & Trailer parts including Dexter Axle components as used on Revcon.

Visone RV - used RV generators, appliances, and accessories.

Vintage Sportcoach on-line library. Lot of older system manuals, some for our coaches.

ASA Electronics - the mother lode of Voyager camera systems on-line manuals.

Wheels NOW - hard to find wheels. They have Revcon 16.5 wheels.

Revcon for sale, another Revcon site still running.

Tom's Revcon website. Many sales brochures & good Revcon info, load of banners & ads as well. Archive from the Wayback Machine.

RV Trader - quick Revcon for-sale search.

View RV's Revcon picture archive

A 2002 Revcon Trailblazer owner's blog, new RV for him as of 9/2012. Interesting read!

Ray Novelli's Blog - intresting read & historical reference.

New, my other website supporting the Chevrolet Caprice PPV.

Police Interceptor.Com, my original website.