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Since March 2003 this esoteric little corner of the Internet has been a multi-functional website that provides information on police package vehicles from the USA, US Navy Alarm Sounds, fire alerting systems, and antique Revcon RV's. Please feel free to browse around and mail me if you have any questions. As always, your input is solicited and very much appreciated. Please drop me an EMAIL if you wish to see anything specific added or just have comments. Thanks for the interest and enjoy the site!


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  • 2/13/2024 - Today I verified the links section for Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge/Stellantis police cars. I didn't realize that the last time I had modded these sections was - 2014!!! - so I'be working on getting with the times and putting up new links & files shortly. I found that several good sites were now zapped and only available via the Wayback machine, so in a few instances captures of those sites are linked rather then lose the information forever. Also in keeping with the site name, I'm going to work diligently on offering more content centered around Ford police vehicle products, this will be an ongoing upgrade project spanning some months as my time permits - note that I did update some of the Ford files today. Stay tuned!!
  • 1/15/2024 - Out web host has upgraded the web server hardware to a new, faster version which was much needed. We now have faster server response times, however the Revcon forum system remains in read-only mode. This has also impacted another site I run on the same server, however we have done a number of paid upgrades and have restored that site to limited service. However, we are still finding and fixing problems residual from the upgrade in that site. Until the work there is complete and that site is in full service, we will not have the institutional knowledge to repair this site. The Revcon forums will still need multiple hundreds of dollars in funding to restore it to full service, with the limited user base we have I am not convinced there is sufficient cost-justification to perform the needed upgrades. If you are an existing user of the site, drop me a line if you are interested in seeing the Revcon discussion forum portion of this site continue. The good news is that.... everything else with the exception of the Revcon forum system is operating better than ever!
  • 8/12/2023 - The Revcon forum system is down for posting and is in read-only mode currently. This is due to a basic version incompatability between the 11 year-old forum software (REALLY early version of phpBB) and the new Linux recently updated on the web server. Extensive upgrades are required to restore the forum system software to full service, this will require the services of a paid professional developer along with assistance from our web host. Everything else on the site remains in full service.

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